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Donald Messina's​ Music

Narrated, Historical Concerts

MP3 albums blending symphonic melodies with inspired, narrated stories

St. Andrews Chamber Orchestra

conducted by Donald Messina

Donald Messina is the author of six narrated concerts: “A French Romance," “In Search of the Midnight Sun,” “Love, Agony and Hope,” ''Journey of a Soul –Italia 1840-1860 Il Risorgimento,” “Dreams of Old Vienna,” “The Search for Love.”

Born in 1934 Messina grew up fascinated be radio adventure stories AND classical music. At age 16 he created his first, an original love story matched with the horn solo from Brahms Symphony 3.

This passion remained dormant during years of public school teaching, but arose later in life organizing the Music at St. Andrews Series and starting his own chamber orchestra. After decades of conducting and recording his St. Andrews Chamber Orchestra, his last 6 works are the best by far---the 6 Narrated Concerts.

A French Romance - Paris 1802 and Italy, Spain, and Tangiers

Dreams of Old Vienna - A 19th Century Boat Ride and Tour of All the Sights of Vienna

Journey of a Soul - 1840-1860 Sicily, Venice, Italy, Spain, Finland

A French Romance - MP3 Album


Barcarolle (Offenbach); Carmen Suite (Bizet); Claire de Lune (Debussy);

Bacchanale, Symphony One III, & I (Saint Saens); Meditation (Massenet);

Symphonie Fantastique (Berlioz)


Andre a young French artist 1801 falls in love with Michelle, a ballerina, pursuing her from

Paris, to Venice and Madrid where she suddenly dies. Devastated, he travels to Tangiers

where he is tempted by Lola, quickly flees by ship to Marsailles where he happily meets and

finally falls in love with Emily.

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Dreams of Old Vienna - MP3 Album


Beautiful Blue Danube, Tales From Vienna Woods. Pizzicata Polka, Radetzky March,

Roses from the South, Vienna Blood, (J.Strauss),; Hungarian Dance #5 (J. Brahms);

“Merry Widow” duet (F. Lehar); Vienna City of My Dreams (R. Sieczynski)


A mythical tour in 1895 of Vienna arriving by boat; experiencing the Vienna Woods, the

army troops on parade, Hungarian dances, violin solos in cafes, light operetta, a blend

of Vienna blood and everyone joining in singing, “Vienna City of My Dreams.”

You will receive an email link to download the MP3 album within 24 hours of ordering. 

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Journey of a Soul - MP3 Album


“Intermezzo” Cavalaria Rusticana (P. Mascagni); Petite Suite, “Bateau” (C/Debussy);

Symphony One, Andante, Allegro Energico; IV, “Finale” (J. Sibelius):

Capriccio Italien (P. Tschaikowsky); “CORE INGRATO; (C. Cardillo)

Symphony 3 Adagio Moderator, organ Poco Adagio; Intro & Rondo Capriccio (Saint Saens);

”La Spagnola” (V. Chiari); Symphony Two Adagio (S. Rachmaninoff)


Enzo Speranza is born 1849 in Valguanera , Sicily, where he enjoys the peasant life and enjoys the rich church services where he learns that “I must do good in my life to get to Heaven.” In 1848 revolutions sweep over Sicily and his peasant father is killed in the revolt. With the father dead the Spanish landlord evicts his mother from their farm, so she moves with Enzo to live with their uncle in Venice, ruled by the Austrians. Enzo grows up to be a sailor but his mother falls ill and slowly dies with Enzo caressing her. Meanwhile, he confronts his girlfriend Caterina why she did not visit his dying mother to which she replies she never loved Enzo and is already betrothed. Enzo bursts with great rage as he sings, 'CORE INGRATO.” Sailing to Spain Enzo is tempted by the voluptuous Lola. Yet, he resists but works with her band of contra-bandits to smuggle arms to Genoa for King Victor Emmanuel the patriotic leader of Piedmont in the struggle for Italian independence from foreign rule. ”I must do good,” Enzo says to himself, “to get to Heaven.” Finally, in 1860, on a trip to Finland, Enzo meets Inge, and they fall in love and sail back to Venice for their wedding when a fierce gale occurs and Enzo falls from the mast, crushes his ribs and slowly bleeds to death. With Inge in tears holding his head, Enzo speaks of his love for Inge and Italy with his last breath.

You will receive an email link to download the MP3 album within 24 hours of ordering. 

For questions, please ema​il us at:

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